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Made from leftover and unused pieces of fabric, lining and smaller zippers, this gorgeous coin purses features a unique illustration made by The Blue Rabbit House. The illustration is printed on 100% organic cotton.


These are priced slightly cheaper compared to the other available zipper pouches. This does not mean these are of lesser quality or my other pouches are priced too high. These coin purses are a lot smaller and require far less materials, hence why the final price is kept down.

It is made with a lot of love. This zipper bag really comes in handy to store away your coins, cards, small jewelry and other type of smaller material or tools. This way, you can easily keep this purse in your bag.


These coin purses will be updated and restocked whenever possible. New designs will be added and older designs will be taken out once they're sold. As soon as I run out of 4,8 inches (12 cm) zippers, these will no longer be reproduced or made available.

Coin Purses | Select Design

14,00 €Price
  • It measures 4,8 inches wide (12 cm) and 4,8 inches (12 cm) high. The zipper length is 4,8 inches (12 cm). Perfect for coins, stitch markers, measuring tapes, ...

  • Handwash is recommended. Don't rub too harshly. Dry flat. Ironing is possible, even on a very high temperature. Be careful when ironing close to the zipper.