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All fabric products are made out of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton printed with eco-friendly GOTS certified inks in the Netherlands. The organic cotton is as natural as possible: your bag might have a fleck or two in the printing, this is a natural part of the organic textile process. All prints are unique illustrations made by The Blue Rabbit House and digitally printed for the most detailed results. No AI is involved to generate illustrations.

The lining is a 100% cotton, according to Oeko-Tex standards, sourced in Netherlands, in 2023 all the bags will be lined with 100% organic cotton. The transition to these lining started in October 2022. As of 2023, organic cotton sewing thread will be used for all the bags.

Vegan, biodegradable cork is used as finishing details for the project bags and detachable straps and works as the best and most eco-friendly alternative for leather and makes all bags by The Blue Rabbit House 100% vegan.

All bags are sewn in my small studio in Antwerp, Belgium.

Sustainability of our products is very important. Therefor we keep eco-friendly and ethical aspects in a mind while designing, making and packing all of our products.

All prints and businesses cards are made through ethical manufacturers. Recycled materials are used whenever possible. All the prints are made locally in Belgium.

Materials such as zippers, rivets, etc. are sourced within the EU. To minimize transport distances, b
uckles for the detachable straps are the only materials sourced outside of the EU and bought in huge bulk so the stock lasts at least 3 years, this to make sure the impact of importing this is to a minimum. Once a supplier in the EU is found, the switch will be made.

Small parcels are sent out in cardboard boxes, packed with paper shipping materials only. This also ensures that nothing will damage your order. You can easily recycle or upcycle these materials!

All the boxes, wrapping plastics, etc. that are part of deliveries to me are always reused and upcycled. Your order might come in an upcycled packaging, but I always ensure your order is as protected as possible.

In 2023, the decision was made to pack all wholesale orders in 100% recycled plastic bags. This adds an extra protective layer to your order.
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