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This club newest club is a celebration of past creations as it was inspired by an older sketch and a repeat pattern that was made years ago. The club contains the following items:


Project Bag:

The project bag features a wolf named Aurora, who joyfully jumps between pink crystals. It is printed on 100% organic cotton and to close the bag, you just pull on both sides of the vegan cork cords.


This club will provide you with a regular size project bag. Please use the club add ons

to upgrade your bag with a wristlet strap, a detachable strap, inside pockets or a mix of the previous three.


Coin Purse:

I'm bringing back an old repeat pattern for this club and made coin purses out of it. These are super handy to store small notions into like stitch markers, measuring tapes, ...


Stitch Markers:

The club will contain 2 handmade stitch markers inspired by crystals/pink.



To tie everything together, a candle by the Belgian company Oak Candle Co.

is added to the club. It's a vegan, cruelty free 70 gr candle with real crystals inside. The scent is called Linen and personally reminds me of when you're in a bath with a lot of bath foam!


Due to differences between monitors, colors may slightly from what appears on your screen.

Crystal Wolf Club | Project Bag & Cosy Goodies

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  • Regular Size Project Bag: The bag measures 12 inches (30 cm) wide and a little over 10 inches (27 cm) high. The width of the bag is 4 inches (10 cm). This is perfect for sock, hat, mittens and shawl projects.

    Coin Purse: It measures 4,8 inches wide (12 cm) and 4,8 inches (12 cm) high. The zipper length is 4,8 inches (12 cm). Perfect for coins, stitch markers, measuring tapes, ...

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