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The image of this listing is for demonstration only. The candle you will receive is a 125ml soy wax candle in a tin container.


You get one candle with the pumpkin spice inspired scent. This candle was part of a Halloween club.


For the best results in both fragrance and burn we recommend keeping
the wick trimmed to 5 mm right from the first burn. Always trim before
relighting and ensure no wick residue is left lying on the wax.

On the first burn, ensure that the candle has the opportunity to burn a
melt pool across the whole diameter of the container. This will avoid wax

Please remember our candles are made from natural plant soy wax, as
a result some frosting may occur on the finished product. This is normal
and can also be evident due to changing temperatures. It is a feature of
a handmade product and nothing of concern and will not impact your
scent or burn.

Keep candles in a cool, dry environment. When lit never leave

Hallowe'en Feast Candle

12,00 € Regular Price
8,40 €Sale Price
  • Size: 125ml
    Estimated burn time: 25+ hours

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