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This club is a collaboration between knitwear designer The Petite Knitter and The Blue Rabbit House. The club consists of a project bag, three or four skeins of yarn and a cute sock knitting pattern for the skeins. A festive black cat jumps into the holidays. 


Project Bag:

The project bag features a black cat named Noctis, who joyfully springs into some wildflowers. It is printed on 100% organic cotton and to close the bag, you just pull on both sides of the vegan cork cords.


This club will provide you with a sock size project bag. Please use the club add ons to upgrade your bag with a wristlet strap, a detachable strap, inside pockets or a mix of the previous three.


Skeins of Yarn:

With this club you will also receive three or four skeins of yarn depending on the size you want to knit. The skeins are 100% non superwash, plastic free merino yarn by the Islandic company Istex. You can select between two main colors: an off white or a light beige. The contrasting colors are a darker red and a black. You can mix and match with the colors of the cuff, heel and toes.


Since it is knit on a tighter gauge, the sock is extra cosy and the highly twisted merino makes it extra durable. Please swatch properly before starting knitting your sock!


I used beige in my sample.


Sock Pattern:

Along with the bag and the skeins, you will receive the knitting pattern Nocturnal Socks, a pair of socks designed by knitwear designer Weichien of The Petite Knitter. You can never go wrong with a cat design! Shown here in the photos is size 4 (shoe size 36 EU, 4,5 US).


Please allow up to 48 hours before you receive the copy of the pattern as they are sent out manually.

Leave your e-mail to receive your copy!


Cat Stitch Marker:

To be able to knit in the round, you also need a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the row. This club also comes with a wooden stitch marker made by Weichien of The Petite Knitter. It's shaped like a cute little cat!


Needles are not included!!


Due to differences between monitors, colors may slightly from what appears on your screen.

Nocturnal Cat Club | Project bag, Yarn & Knitting Pattern

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  • Sock Size: The bag measures 9 inches (24 cm) wide and a little over 8 inches (20 cm) high. The width of the bag is 3 inches (8 cm). This is perfect for sock, hat or mitten projects.

  • Sizes: 1, 2, 3 (4, 5) 6, 7, 8 [9]

    • FOOT CIRCUMFERENCE (measured on the widest section of your foot)
    cm - 12, 14, 17 (19, 21) 26, 28, 32 [33]
    inches - 43⁄4, 51⁄2, 63⁄4 (71⁄2, 81⁄4) 101⁄4, 11, 121⁄2 [13]


    • FOOT LENGTH (measured from heel to toe)
    cm - 12, 14, 17 (19, 21) 26, 28, 32 [33]inches - 43⁄4, 51⁄2, 63⁄4 (71⁄2, 81⁄4) 101⁄4, 11, 121⁄2 [13]

    • SOCK HEIGHT (measured from heel to co edge)
    cm - 8.25, 8.25, 8.25 (11.5, 11.5) 14, 14, 14, [14]
    inches - 31⁄4, 31⁄4, 31⁄4 (41⁄2, 41⁄2) 51⁄2, 51⁄2, 51⁄2 [51⁄2]