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• The color of the zipper might differ from the pictured version due to that color not being in stock with my supplier. •


This gorgeous storage pouch features a unique illustration made by The Blue Rabbit House. The illustration is printed on 100% organic cotton.

It is made with a lot of love. This zipper bag really comes in handy to store away your small knitting or sewing projects, but also notions, cosmetics or other goodies that need to be kept together. This large size is a little bit smaller than the sock size project bags in the collection - which means it can also serve as a project bag for smaller works in progress.

Noah | Large Zipper Pouch

33,00 €Price
Preorders ship after 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Zipper Size 20 cm: It measures 9 inches wide (23 cm) and 7,8 inches (20 cm) high. The zipper length is 2,7 inches (7 cm). Perfect for storing larger notions, small knitting or sewing projects or cosmetics.

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